Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips to Save Money on Your Electric Bill

Turn Your Air Conditioner Thermostat Up When You Are Out

Your air conditioner does not need to be set to a cool 75 degrees when you are not home. You won’t be home to enjoy it and it will create an expensive electric bill. You can save yourself money every month by remembering to put your air conditioner thermostat up to 80 degrees when you go out for the day recommends This will allow you to simply turn your air conditioner thermostat down to cool your home down. Set a reminder on your phone to make this a habit.

Change Your Air Conditioner FIlters Monthly

Your air conditioner does not run well if you do not change out your air conditioner filters on a monthly basis. This results in a costly electric bill, because your air conditioner needs to run harder to keep your home cool.  Simply make it your business to change out your air conditioner filters once a month. You better believe that the air conditioner filters will cost less money than the extra money you are spending on your electric bill. If you want to get the best price on air conditioner filters, than buy them in bulk or at the very least, in sets of three. Put a reminder on your calendar to change them out every month.  

Turn On Your Ceiling Fan When You Run Your Air Conditioner

You can save money on your electric bill if you remember to run your ceiling fan on when you run your air conditioner. This will make you feel you feel cooler without having to turn your thermostat down to a lower temperature. For example, if your air conditioner is set to 77 degrees and you have your ceiling running you will feel very cool. In fact, you will feel like your air conditioner is set to a much lower temperature.

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