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How to Easily Keep Your Carpets Clean

Reduce the Amount of Stains from Shoes

Did you notice that your carpets have a dingy look to them? The main reason your carpets don’t look good is you are walking around with your shoes on. Nothing will make your carpets look rundown faster than letting people walk around your home with shoes on. Take a look at the bottom of your shoes. No matter how clean they appear, the dirt they do track in will add up over time. The best thing to do is to let everyone in your family know that they must take their shoes off before they walk in your home. This will make your carpets last a lot longer says . If you plan on getting professional carpet cleaning in the near future, this is a must. After all, high traffic areas can’t be created if you don’t walk around with your shoes on.

Invest in New Outdoor Welcome Mats

No one is perfect. You or someone in your family may forget to take your shoes off before they walk in your home. That’s why you should put new welcome mats in front all of your exterior doors. This will encourage people to wipe their feet off before they come in and thereby reduce the overall amount of dirt that’s tracked in. New rugs will brighten up your living space and make keeping a clean living space fun.

Stock Up on Natural Cleaning Products

Natural carpet cleaning products are the way to go for cleaning your carpets. You can clean most carpet stains with the simple application of baking soda and vinegar. Don’t go overboard on a small household stain and use an industrial strength cleaner on it. It’s just overkill and what’s more, it may create additional stains on your carpet.

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