Security factors to consider before buying a home

Home burglary is a leading crime in many cities, and the countermeasures that you put in place greatly determines the safety of your valuables. In that regard, the security system and factors are of prime importance when looking for a new home in Hanover. It would be best if you had a home that will not only guarantee the safety of your property but that of the family too.

There are situations in life that can make anyone beef up the security around their home, such as having a home-based office. You’ll want to safeguard your office hardware from would-be intruders in every way possible. In other words, security needs may vary from one home buyer to another, depending on budget and preferences. Either way, there are basic security factors that any home buyer should consider during pre-purchase inspection. They include but aren’t limited to the following:

  • Professional guards

If you’ve settled for a gated community, you should consider going with options that guarantee professional guards at every entry point. Research shows that having professional guards who patrol a property at night can help deter intrusion and reduce the possibility of crime occurrences by 80%. Moreover, having a real person vigilant at night is a great plus to other security measures set in place, such as CCTV surveillance.

  • Surveillance system

A 24/7 surveillance system is necessary if you want to seal any security loophole that burglars might exploit. It will also help if you settle for a surveillance system in areas where you keep valuables and would want to monitor or regulate access to those areas. A surveillance system that can be controlled via a mobile app is the best as you can keep tabs of everything, even when at work.

  • Cloud access

Career and business commitments can sometimes send you to different parts of the world, leaving your family behind. You would want to be guaranteed that they are safe, and any threat to that safety is neutralized before actual harm. We recommend choosing a house whose security system is accessible and has storage in the cloud. That way, you will have control of the main panel from any corner of the world.

  • Environmental factors and power backup

Lastly, you might also want to consider environmental sensors to factors like smoke, carbon dioxide, high temperatures, and fire. Remember, burgling isn’t the only security concern to watch out for if you want to protect your family in every way possible. Integrate sensors to these factors on your main control panel so that you can have countermeasures employed in time before the risk spreads further.

A power backup is crucial because none of the above measures will work without power (assuming you have no control over blackouts and brownouts). In other words, at no point should your security system, such as cameras and recorders go offline because of a power outage. In fact, modern security devices don’t even require a standby generator as they come with rechargeable batteries. If you choose to live in a gated community, there is a high probability that there will be a common backup generator.

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