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What makes Pre-Purchase Inspection So Important for You

Why a pre-purchase inspection? First and foremost to protect your investment, but also to make sure you have all the necessary information on hand before making the purchase officially. In this way, unpleasant surprises are avoided and a decision can be made with full knowledge of the facts before the signing of the notarial contract. You also have to negotiate after a home inspection.

Pre-purchase inspection

Why is pre-purchase inspection essential? Several reasons are likely to be valid, but two reasons seem obvious for the purchase of a building, whether residential, rental or other:

  • Know the exact general condition of the building coveted by the buyer.
  • Know the true value of the building after having identified potential hidden defects.
  • Obviously, such an inspection should not be left to the first comer. Several bad experiences are listed by dissatisfied customers concerning botched and poorly executed inspections.

To have peace of mind, it is imperative to entrust his mandate to a duly certified building inspector . Above all, do not hesitate to ask for references on previous inspections. A certified and conscientious inspector will not oppose it and will be ready to support you in all your steps, and this, with confidence.

The Invest ments

Investing in the purchase of a building is often the investment of a lifetime. Put the odds on your side by asking the help of a certified professional to guarantee this investment is commendable and should not scare the seller either. Any request for pre-purchase inspection should be well received by both parties if the information provided on the building is honest and truthful.

Several inspectors even recommend that the buyer attend the visit to better understand the points covered by the inspection. When the buyer is present during the inspection, he can ask questions and it is often easier for him to understand the technical details of the report when he receives it.

Caution and confidence are required

When making a major investment such as buying a property, caution is always advised. Pre-purchase inspection always has its place as the first step in the process. In order to properly prepare your pre-inspection file, some advice is invaluable for setting up the process.

The mandate for the pre-purchase inspection must be well defined in writing and be signed by the inspector and the buyer. The two parties must agree in order to establish a relationship of trust from the start.

  • Establish the deadline for obtaining the inspection report in order to receive it a few days before the deadline for the counter offer to purchase has expired and so that the buyer can read and understand the report received. He will thus be able to take the appropriate decisions concerning the desired building.
  • The terms used by the inspector must be very clear to the buyer so that he understands the full implication of each detail contained in the full report provided on the building in question.
  • It is important that a bond of trust is established between the inspector and the buyer so that all the necessary questions are asked and understood by both parties. The pre-purchase inspection is not only recommended, but often essential in order to know the real condition of the property.

If it is a new property, the inspection allows the buyer to know the real value of the construction and to avoid unpleasant surprises such as a botched or unfinished construction.


In the case of a property existing for a few years, the pre-purchase inspection allows the buyer to know the true condition of the house and its foundations. In addition, it allows you to be informed of all repairs to be planned in the short, medium or long term, which can change the market value of the property in question.Knowing the real value and knowing what the maintenance and repair needs are before signing the notarial contract, this is an excellent reason to choose a certified inspector.

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